Permit Assistance

Permit Assistance Guide

Before diving into any building or renovation endeavor, it’s crucial to follow a set of steps to prevent issues and unexpected costs. By diligently following these steps, you pave the way for a successful building or renovation project, minimizing complications and ensuring compliance with local regulations.


Consult with Local Goverment

Before embarking on your building or renovation project, it is essential to engage in a dialogue with your local government to verify that your proposed undertaking complies with zoning and building requirements. Local zoning bylaws play a pivotal role in governing diverse elements, encompassing lot size, permissible structures, location specifications, approved uses, and parking prerequisites. Additionally, consider the possibility of altering zoning requirements. This involves exploring avenues for change, such as submitting an application for a variance or seeking rezoning. By proactively addressing these considerations, you lay a solid foundation for a project that aligns seamlessly with local regulations and sets the stage for a successful development.

Obtain Permits

The acquisition of permits is a critical aspect contingent on both the size and purpose of your project, necessitating interaction with local government authorities. Several key permit considerations should be at the forefront of your planning. It is imperative to ascertain when permits are required, ensuring strict adherence to bylaws, building codes, and safety standards. To facilitate a smooth project progression, it is crucial to obtain all necessary permits before initiating any stage of the construction or renovation. Equally important is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the local process for permit acquisition, streamlining your compliance efforts and contributing to the overall success of your project.

Seek Expert Advice

When undertaking a project that surpasses your expertise, it is advisable to seek guidance from professionals in the field. Consider consulting with experts, including general contractors, architects, engineers, electricians, and plumbers, to ensure the success of your endeavor. Engaging in discussions with these specialists allows you to benefit from their wealth of knowledge, providing valuable insights and tailored advice that aligns with the specific scope of your project. Collaborating with professionals not only enhances the quality of your project but also contributes to a more informed and efficient decision-making process.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Seize the building or renovation opportunity as a strategic moment to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Take the initiative to explore the various incentives available for energy-efficient improvements, applicable to both residential and business/industry projects. It is worthwhile to investigate potential rebates, gather helpful tips, and consider suggestions aimed at making your property as energy-efficient as possible. By incorporating these measures, not only do you contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment, but you may also benefit from cost-saving incentives while ensuring your home aligns with modern energy efficiency standards.


The Benefits of Permit Assistance 

Permit assistance for any construction project streamlines the regulatory process, guaranteeing a smooth and compliant project. This efficient service not only saves time but also minimizes potential hurdles, facilitating a hassle-free construction experience.

Our Specializations

Navigating permits can be overwhelming with ever-changing regulations, but at Solid Pillars, we prioritize the importance of a meticulously prepared application. A precise submission not only speeds up approval but also reduces the risk of delays and complications.  Dealing with renovations, constructions, or adaptations is a challenge, but Solid Pillars has in-house and external experts ready to handle the complexities of the development process. Here’s a quick look at our specializations.  Our dedicated professionals possess the expertise to guide your construction project in British Columbia from initial submittal to permit issuance. With specialists focusing on specific jurisdictions, your project gets the attention it deserves, ensuring a seamless process.

Zoning By law and  Zoning Map

Our experts are well-versed in local zoning regulations, guaranteeing that your project aligns seamlessly with the regulatory framework.


Subdivision of Land and Rezoning (Zoning Codes)

If your project involves rezoning, our experts facilitate a smooth transition by navigating land zoning codes and regulations, ensuring compliance with local guidelines. Solid Pillars provides answers regarding the duration of the subdivision of land and rezoning application process. We guide you through the intricacies, offering clarity on timelines and requirements.


Energy efficiency:

Experience optimal energy efficiency with our solutions, enabling you to minimize power consumption and contribute to a more environmentally friendly planet.


Construction and Development Permits

Whether you require a Construction Permit or a Development Permit, Solid Pillars ensures that your application aligns with the city planning vision of British Columbia. Our professionals work diligently to expedite the submission process, ensuring a swift permit issuance


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